Hollywood Smile

What is Hollywood Smile?
Hollywood Smile is a smile makeover. It’s a Supra Natural White, perfectly aligned attractive looking teeth. It takes in consideration the skin color, the gum position, the front teeth color and size, and of course the position of the upper teeth with the lower lip.

Benefits of a nice smile

  • Higher self esteem
  • Nothing to hide while smiling
  • A Great Smile Could Mean a Great Career
  • Attractive flashy smile
  • Simple, painless cosmetic procedures are no longer reserved just for movie stars.
  • you will never stop smiling anymore

Hollywood Smile is achieved with the help of many dental treatments :

  • Bleaching
  • Ceramic Veneers (thin laminates of 0.5mm ceramic. Beautiful durable smile and very natural looking)
  • Composite Veneers Lower quality and shorter term smile enhancement
  • Crowns (3/4 crowns, or full 360 Crowns made with the finest Full Ceramic materials)
  • Orthodontics
  • Gum Surgeries (for Irregular uneven or Gummy smiles)