Why do we feel bitterness in our mouth ?

If you have a bitterness of the taste inside the mouth, there are many reasons. It may be related to problems in the mouth such as gum disease, mouth infections or dry mouth caused by lack of drinking water.
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Mouth breathing & its link with beauty

Airway obstruction can cause breathing disorders, and craniofacial deformation and malocclusion. Upper airway obstruction can be subtle in children, but it can have long term consequences including failure to thrive, behavioral disturbances, developmental delay, sleep disorders , dry mouth and increasing caries .

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What is Geographic Tongue ?


Geographic tongue is a harmless condition that looks like a map on the surface of the tongue, due to the absence of tongue papilla that usually resolves on its own or with the help of certain oral gels and mouthwashes. People with geographic tongues should always avoid spicy food, tobacco smoking and heavy flavored tooth pastes.